3 tips to keep your favorite green space clean.


On sunny and warm weekends, people again increasingly visit the parks and green spaces. But often after visiting a green space, the trash remains.

The following 3 tips and tricks will help ensure that the city's parks remain the places of recreation and leisure where we all love to spend time!

1. Abandon disposable packaging
Especially for a picnic in the park or a relaxed barbecue with friends, it's a good idea to transfer things into cans or other reusable packaging beforehand and use reusable tableware.

2. Plan ahead
Often visits to parks are spontaneous and in this case you have to rely on the available trash cans. However, if you are planning a visit to the park, you should consider how much trash you will be causing there and expect overflowing trash cans on full days.

3. Do not overfill the trash cans in the park
When a trash can is full, don't stuff more trash in it. After all, a strong gust of wind is enough and the garbage spreads throughout the park.

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