Welcome to the family "Dodo"

Dodo on Grass 1920x1080

The last few months have been challenging, exhausting and stressful, but now we are proud to present our latest prototype called "Dodo". As Angsa Robotics evolves, so does the robot and so it is not surprising that "Dodo" is much more robust than its predecessor. Moreover, the latest prototype has grown in proportions. Dodo is now 55cm high, 120cm long and 88cm wide. This results in a larger storage space and almost twice the area that the robot can cover with its vacuum. As you can see from the pictures below, the design is clean and minimalist to provide optimum functionality.

Inside the robot things developed as well. The picking-up system has been improved and for the first time, “Dodo” can operate completely autonomous.

All in all big steps towards our final version of the robot. We will keep you updated about the further development and milestones we strive to achieve within the next year. Meanwhile you can find out more information on our product page.