Testing Tour 2021

Dodo with Smartphone 1920x1080

An eventful summer lies behind us, primarily due to the Testing Tour 2021. As part of this tour, we tested our fourth prototype "Dodo" in numerous different cities in Germany under controlled conditions and collected data for the next development steps. Furthermore, the tour served as an exchange with the different cities and responsible persons from green space maintenance and cleaning. In this way, we were able to gather valuable insights, and the cities had the chance to bring the prototype one step further to product maturity together with us.

After the tour was very positive and informative in most parts, there were still minor difficulties with the prototype in terms of the consistency and reliability of the systems. However, our team was able to work through the reasons for this in a more relaxed manner after the tour, which is why we are convinced that the upcoming prototype will be significantly more reliable. Furthermore, the responsible persons of the cities and municipalities got the opportunity to give us feedback and thoughts on the functions and key data of the prototype. This enables us to develop a product that is close to the actual needs and requirements of our future customers. From our side, it was also important to analyze the possible applications and the different surfaces with regard to their characteristics in the different cities.