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Team events, flat hierarchies, agile methods and flexible working hours

Real-world impact

The modules developed by you will be used in pilot projects with customers this summer

Responsibility and leadership

Good work and ownership are rewarded at Angsa: You can play a decisive role in shaping your role in the team.

Workplace & Equipment

A workplace with desk for you in our office, access to the Makerspace, coffee & snacks.

User Interface for an Innovative Autonomous Robot

The robot solves a complex task for the end user, but should be easy and intuitive to use even for non-technical personnel. The goal of this project is to develop a user-friendly front-end interface for task planning, monitoring and error notifications.
  • Definition of user requirements
  • Translation to desired features and technical requirements
  • Sprint-based development of an UI which enables the user to define robot tasks, monitor the robot and receive status notifications
  • Evaluation of the interface in real-world conditions, ideally with customers
  • An intuition for user-friendly UI
  • Enthusiasm to make a complex robotic product availabe through easy-to-use abstraction
  • Good knowlege in a UI framework like React, Angular, Vue or other
  • Experience or interest in design thinking
  • Eager to shape a future real-world product
  • Team spirit and good communication skills
System Architecture and Behavior Framework

The goal of this project is to develop an improved backbone for the robot framework based on ROS2 for module interaction and bahvior management. A modular framework should enable the different components (device drivers, task planning nodes, user interfaces) to run independently from each other while communicating through ROS messages.
  • Literature review and study of similar systems
  • Conception of the high-level architecture
  • Definition of relevant services and actions
  • Implementation of adapter nodes for existing firmware components
  • Tests in real-world scenarios
  • Enrolled in Robotics, Informatics, etc.
  • You like solving complex problems
  • Enthusiasm for mobile robotics
  • Experience with ROS / ROS2
  • Good Python and C++ skills
  • Team spirit and good communication skills
Object Detection of Trash on Grass and Gravel for an Autonomous Robot

The goal of this project is to develop an improved object detection for small trash items on grass and gravel. This is done by implementing and improving approaches from literature and adapting them to the special use-case and dataset.
  • Literature review to object detection with a focus on required computing power
  • Implementation and training of different solutions (YOLOv3, EfficientDet...)
  • Comparison and iterative adaptation
  • Integration in the robot system via ROS2
  • Evaluation on test data and real-world experiments
  • Enrolled in Robotics, Informatics, Data Engineering, ...
  • You like solving complex problems
  • Motivation to work with the state-of-the art in object detection
  • Knowledge and experience in design and training of neural networks
  • Good Python skills
  • Team spirit and good communication skills
Your Dream Thesis / IDP / Practical

The projects listed here are not all! If you are looking for a project, just send us a message with your skillset and motivation and we will see if we have an exciting project for you!
  • Definition requirements
  • Literature review
  • Sprint-based development in cooperation with other module owners
  • Evaluation in real-world conditions, ideally with customers!
  • Enthusiasm for sustainability and robotics
  • High motivation
  • Eager to learn, improve and adapt
  • Most important: Team spirit and good communication skills