Focus on your event.

Not on the trash removal.

In einem Kreis angeordnet werden Icons abgebildet, die die Vorteile von Angsa-Robotics für Festivals beschrieben

Environmentally friendly

Cleaning also at night


Cleaning of large areas

EU-wide Service

Your event or festival.

A lot of garbage is left behind after almost every event. The cleaning companies of the venues usually rely on manual labor to collect the garbage by hand after the performances are over. However, this proves to be an expensive, time-consuming procedure, and in most cases small pieces of garbage like crown caps and cigarette butts are left behind.

Festival in Freien auf einer großen Wiese. Die Menschenmenge feiert - Angsa-Robotics bietet die Lösung gegen kleinteiligen Müll
Eine Wiese voll mit Müll, nach einem Festival - Angsa-Robotics bietet die Lösung gegen kleinteiligen Müll

Flexible. Scalable.

The robot can be used for a specific part of the area where large trash objects such as tents have already been removed. This ensures a harmonious coordination between the robot and the cleaning personnel.


Our services.

Since many venues have tight deadlines for returning their space and events are tightly scheduled, Angsa has developed a Robot-as-a-Service model that offers a flexible and scalable solution for any event.
Kronkorken liegt auf einer Wisee - Angsa-Robotics bietet die Lösung gegen kleinteiligen Müll

Cooperations Festivals and Events

Wir testen unseren Roboter auf Festivals und bekommen Feedback zurück, um unseren Roboter zu verbessern. Ihr Festival könnte zu einem Testgelände werden. Treten Sie mit uns in Kontakt.


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